We all love fashion, and as women are always seeking new beauty trends! But the new eyebrow trends have us scratching our heads in confusion.  Well-shaped brows are maintained to frame your face and complete your beauty.  Making them stand out in the 4 latest trends below just doesn’t make sense.  Not sure I could achieve any of these looks, or anyone else I know for that matter. As a master eyebrow artist, expression of what you think is best for the client is highly encouraged, but I would have to definitely turn away anyone who wanted to come in to get these looks permanently. Makeup is great to have fun, but in my opinion, these brows would only look great on one day of the year, Halloween. So, what do you think about these trends? Do you have a favorite? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Feather Brows







Braided Brows






Wavy Brows







Carved Brows