I wanted to take the opportunity to write this post because I feel very saddened to say I continue to be a victim of last minute cancellations, in models, when I need them most. My students fly from around the state, and from out of country, to learn in the classes that I offer to them on various procedures.

When I book for models, it is for half off my regular pricing of the procedure and it is a steal! When someone does not follow my “at least 24-hour cancellation notice” policy, that mess with the schedule I created ahead of time for my students, and it is disheartening when someone is a complete no show, or cancels two hours ahead of the time they were supposed to arrive.

I get it, emergencies happen, but when it is NOT an emergency and you just decide to flake last minute and myself and my student have put trust in you to show up- it is, for lack of better words, humiliating.

With all of that being said, I am going to implement the same cancellation rules my regular clients abide by:

A deposit will be taken at time of appointment confirmation for the procedure. Minimum 24-hour cancellation notice. If the model is a no show, or cancels after the 24-hour cancellation time has expired, the deposit will be non-refundable to the model.

I take my business very seriously, and take my students time very seriously. I am asking for the same respect in return from those of you who book with me for a model position that you are not paying full price for to begin with.

Thank you,

Alicia Shapira