So many women around the world develop stretch marks for a variety of different reasons, and may become frustrated with them, but a tattoo artist from Brazil, found a way to make them less noticeable, and Alicia Shapira was qualified and lucky enough to receive training here in the United States to begin offering this amazing technique of Stretch Mark Camouflage to you right here in South Florida, and the results are truly astounding!

Alicia fills in the lighter lines of the scars with a flesh-toned ink to blend in the stretch marks with the rest of her client’s skin. After the tattoos heal, the client’s skin has a more even appearance, and the stretch marks seem to disappear. The only way to truly remove stretch marks is with expensive laser treatments, but it’s amazing to see this alternative method of making them blend into the skin.

It’s important to note that stretch marks are incredibly common and there’s nothing wrong with having them and embracing them. However, this method is a great option for women who are unhappy or insecure about their skin.

See some before and after photos of Alicia’s clients on her Instagram page @NewImageBeautyBar, and follow the journey as more and more women learn about, and take advantage of this amazing procedure!


If you are interested in booking an appointment or learning more, please feel free to call or text Alicia directly at 954-774-5087.