There is an entire industry built around creams, lotions, and even surgery to help conceal these imperfections, but Alicia Shapira of New Image Beauty Bar located in Coral Springs, FL has been personally trained by the Brazilian tattoo artist that developed a much simpler, more effective solution, and now offers it as one of the most popular beauty services seen in South Florida.

She personalizes each mixture to achieve a tone similar to that of the client’s skin. The ink blends into the stretch marks, giving them the color of the skin. Once the tattoos have healed, the client’s skin appears smoother, and after sixty days they can sunbathe without the risk of spots developing.

“It’s not micro pigmentation, it’s a tattoo. You can live a normal life and expose it to sunlight knowing that your skin will not become stained, because the tattoo pigments are approved by Anvisa”, says Shapira.

This treatment is in such high demand that now women will need to privately text or direct message on social media a photo of the area they want to be treated directly to Alicia for evaluation, then be given a treatment plan and cost.

Alicia Shapira is now hosting private classes for trained professional tattoo artists who are interested in learning this technique throughout dates in October. The next class will not be available until January 2019.

With the private classes come the need for live “models” to be used for both Alicia to work on and for the student to learn the technique on. The model spots are not free, but they are offered at a tremendously discounted rate- including one area of treatment and a free touch up by Alicia after the skin area has healed for the allotted 60 days.

If you are interested in taking the Brazilian Stretch Mark Tattoo Class or interested In being a model, please follow New Image Beauty Bar on both Instagram and Facebook for posts containing days and times we need you!