This past weekend Alicia Shapira had the privilege of teaching the Brazilian Method of Tattoo Camouflage to Gena Bradley and Renee Harvey in Aahsome Salon in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. On live models, Alicia taught these beautiful women all they need to know to become successful in this new method of tattooing that diminishes the look of stretch marks anywhere on the body, originally made famous in Brazil by the artist who created it, Rodolfo Torres.

The pigment works to cover striations, scars, and dark circles. It is a method of optical illusion with the tattoo being your very own skin tone color! It does not change color and does not fade – He created formulas of inks with the same tone of our skin proven more than 10 years ago with no change of color and no need for retouching! It’s not the same micropigmentation we are used to, it’s a tattoo! But please only seek out trained professionals to do this procedure!

There are only a handful in the USA so don’t fall for the fakes! Feel free to contact Alicia Shapira directly to find out how to sign up for the class and what pre-requisites you may need to legally perform this procedure in your area, or if you are interested in receiving this service for your own stretch marks!