Alicia Shapira’s Permanent Makeup Academy has been one of the leading Permanent Makeup Training programs in South Florida. Alicia Shapira is a proud educator, and has developed a program that far exceeds any training nationally.

Alicia Shapira’s Beauty Bar Academy is designed to take the artist to levels that far exceed what most schools call training and certification. Unfortunately, Permanent Makeup is unregulated in almost every state across the United States.

Daily emails, phone calls and walk-in customers come from all over the nation to have permanent makeup gone bad corrected by Alicia Shapira.

Alicia Shapira’s Areola Reconstruction and scar camouflage techniques are the most advanced in the world and produce results that continually help radical mastectomy cancer survivors feel confident and as close to what their breast looked like prior to surgery as humanly possible.

The unfortunate part of the industry is that the standards of training do not even meet standards some states require to groom dogs legally. Inferior training and equipment are currently unchecked nationally and the sole reason so many women’s faces are being destroyed.

If you are looking for quality call Alicia Shapira at 954-774-5087, and feel free to search reviews and find prior students and clients for their opinion. Ask Alicia how many disasters walk in the door every day. Consider with reasonable thought does it sound right you should be tattooing the human face and taking a needle to an eye lid in just one day of training?

Those that want to be the best, come get trained by the best. Feel free to contact Alicia directly at or call 954-774-5087. New Image Beauty Bar is currently located in Coral Springs, FL, in the Phenix Salon Suites, and is looking to expand to a larger location in the near future!