Whatever caused your scars and whatever your motivation for camouflaging them, you can count on our experienced team. We have the proper training to provide plastic surgery scar camouflage that works for your skin tone and will last for years.

We take the time to determine the best option for you so that you can see the results you desire. Boost your confidence and reduce the appearance of scars with treatment from New Image Beauty Bar.

Although micro-needling and scar camouflage can reduce the appearance of your scar, it’s important to understand that scars are long-lasting and no scar will ever be completely invisible. Every scar is different: body location, size, shape, color, the appearance of depth, and so on. Some scars require only a single treatment, others take multiple treatments. Results are cumulative and may take four to six weeks to fully develop.

If you’ve had your scar for a while, you may have noticed that it doesn’t tan the same way the rest of your skin does. That’s a natural characteristic of scar tissue and is not something we can change. However, the scar should be less visible as a result of our procedures.

Unlike harsher colored body tattoos, the skin tone micro pigments we use do fade over a number of years and will need to be touched up over time to maintain their appearance.

Medical tattooing can successfully improve the appearance of modest-sized scars that cut through your eyebrows or the hair on your scalp. It may not be the best option for scars that have left larger areas without hair, such as those that may be left by major surgery, because of the need to periodically go back and re-pigment large areas as hair color changes over time.

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