It is no secret that everyone’s skin heals differently. So many women, and men are beginning to discover this amazing procedure, and like anything new, it comes with a lot of questions. I totally understand.  I would be the same way- letting a woman I’ve never met before tattoo my body with flesh colored ink?! Seeing the immediate after photos on Instagram wondering if my skin will look that red and irritated?!

     Well I’m here to let you know two things: I am trained and certified in this procedure by Rodolpho Torres of Brazil, the creator of this technique, to provide you with the utmost professionalism and care you could ever imagine, and two: this procedure does not require down time, however, you will be healing and seeing your skin change like a chameleon and may have the urge to freak out. But don’t! Everything is going to be just fine- I promise!

      I have performed this procedure a countless amount of times now and experienced first-hand the benefits this procedure provides for people who are self-conscious about their stretch marks and want to find relief by hiding them! It can take anywhere from 60 to 120 days to heal after receiving the Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage. Stretch marks that you have had for majority of your life are not going to just disappear the next day. This is by no means advertised as an overnight miracle worker.

     Most of the before and after photos I post are for you to see immediately after treatment even though it may not be very appealing, but fully healed can take up to 120 days after treatment. Moral of this blog? PLEASE be patient and remember that it is a process that will help diminish the area, not get rid of your stretch marks completely.

     I get so saddened by people who have come to me for this procedure only to message me 2 weeks later to tell me they are not happy and that I have botched their bodies. I PROMISE you I would never EVER perform something I knew was going to ruin you! Your signed paperwork before your procedure states your healing time and everything that comes along with it so you can be prepared. People do end up with phenomenal results, just be patient!