Have you been dreaming of waking up with that perfect Wing Eyeliner without standing in front of your mirror for ten minutes perfecting that line ?


Does it hurt?

No, well not really! says ” Shapira Owner of New Image Beauty Bar. I wouldn’t say it hurts, it is a bit uncomfortable but Shapira Owner Of New Image Beauty Bar is very thorough in numbing the area first and will keep checking with you and top up with numbing cream as necessary.

What does in feel like then?
It’s kind of a scratch, says Shapira, Owner of New Image Beauty Bar stretches the skin and it does feel uncomfortable of course but not in a distressing way.  It is totally worth it!

What happens then, what is the actual procedure?
Well it is very similar to getting a tattoo as a needle is used to deposit ink into the skin.  But it isn’t quite the same as it only puts the pigment into the first layers of the skin.  A tattoo is very definitely permanent whereas ‘permanent’ makeup is more semi-permanent, it will fade over time and need top ups. Says, Shapira Owner of New Image Beauty Bar.

How long does it take to heal?

Your eyes will feel a bit sore for the first two days after the treatment says Shapira.  You cant get your eyes wet for about a week after. You will also have to buy a new mascara to prevent infection says “Shapira Owner of

So how long will it last then?

There are no guarantees with any beauty procedure says Shapira, but with patience after 2-3 procedures you will have your desired result. You will need to come back to New Image Beauty Bar every once every 12 to 18. months for a touch up if you want the color to pop and keep this permanent eyeliner. Of course, like any tattoo, permanent makeup fades over time. So in a few years I’ll go back in to have the ink freshened up.

How much does this cost?

The procedure costs $400-$600 and $500 in tattoo maintenance over a decade is still a substantial money/time/frustration savings over replacing $39 liquid liner every three months, ya know? says, Shapira, owner of New Image Beauty Bar.




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