Let’s talk nipples for a moment. There is no reason to be shy about them, because we all have a pair. Plus, nipples are considered an erogenous zone. The larger outer ring is known as the areola. Some women have light pink areolas, and others have dark red to brown ones. Areolas also come in different sizes, and this is all absolutely normal.

Areolas Affect Self-Image

Areolas can lose pigment unfortunately, causing us to lose self-esteem or be embarrassed to let our partner see our breasts. Some women hate the color of theirs and wish they could change the hue. There are women who bear a scar on their areolas from certain breast surgeries. When a women is in menopause, most find that their areolas become much lighter and barely noticeable. With pregnancy, women’s areolas become darker and fade after childbirth or after completing breastfeeding. Some women have also lost their areolas due to a lumpectomy or mastectomy.

Designing a Perfect Set

With advances in permanent makeup, you can now enhance your areolas to perfectly match your breasts. It’s amazing how natural and beautiful results can be yours through a highly skilled technician’s keen artistic eye. Alicia Shapira is one of the few experts who can design you the right areolas for your breasts.

Areola Repigmentation With Stunning Results

Alicia is able to design the appearance of an areola or areolas for women who no longer have them. It’s incredible how she can successfully use a precise, custom blend of pigments to re-create a real-looking areola with cosmetic tattooing. It’s safe and won’t cause the nipple area to lose feeling.

This permanent makeup artist is talented in altering the color and size of a woman’s areolas. Alicia masterfully uses cosmetic camouflage tattooing to help a patient choose the perfect areolas that she prefers. She has many satisfied clients who are so happy they chose to undergo a permanent makeup process.

For areola scars, Alicia can also mask this imperfection with cosmetic tattooing, carefully blending with one’s natural skin tone and giving the appearance of a smoother, softer look.

We all want to feel and look beautiful. Our breasts are a very personal part of who we are. Alicia Shapira allows every woman to feel like a whole woman again, and that’s a very good thing.