So you’re artistic, good with your hands, and even have a love for makeup. You may be tempted to take your brows into your own hands and microblade them so you can rock those brows every day, but beware. Pinterest projects, YouTube tutorials, and DIY blogs pique your interest, but performing an invasive procedure on your own face can scar you for life; pun intended.

Microblading is a form of tattoo performed with a blade consisted of 7-18 microneedles. Thin strokes, mimicking hair, are carved into the skin then saturated with pigment to create the look of fuller brows. This procedure penetrates 3 layers deep into the epidermis and the results are meant to last 1-3 years.

One reason you should never attempt to DIY microblading is that the “sweet spot” where the pigment needs to lay is separated by the dermis, and major blood supply, by millimeters.
Penetrating too deep can cause excessive bleeding, color blurring, poor healing and scarring of the tissue.
An experienced brow artist will know exactly how deep to go to keep the strokes sharp and crisp and preserve the integrity of the skin.

Sure you fill in your brows every morning and most days they look “on fleek,” but if you’re ever not satisfied with your arches, you can wet a little cotton swab and correct it; not with microblading. It would be incredibly difficult to microblade symmetrical brows on yourself in the mirror. Your brow artist will map the outline of your desired brow shape and ensure symmetry down to a millimeter using a caliper or brow ruler.

All esthetic factors aside, the most dangerous and possibly disastrous risk of DIY microblading is the risk of contamination, infection and blood borne diseases such as Hepatitis.
Did you know that all licensed tattoo artists must pass a bloodborne pathogen course? Strict guidelines are set by the health department to prevent any cross-contamination. Sterile pigments, sterile single-use needles, gloves, aprons, and autoclave units are just a few of the requirements. Microblading in a non-sterile environment poses a threat to your face and possibly your life.

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