American Skin or Scar Camouflage is tattooing of the skin with different colors of flesh tone pigments. Its purpose is to disguise a scar or skin area that is missing pigment or color. It is a specialized area of Permanent Cosmetics that falls under the category of Medical or Paramedical Tattooing. The specialist performing these procedures must understand the science behind pigments and the physiology of human skin and tissue. These procedures require advanced knowledge, training, skills, and experience in Permanent Cosmetics as well as an artistic eye for color and skin tones.

The Brazilian Camouflage method, on the other hand, uses ink to provide flawless coverage of your scar or stretch mark, similar to any other regular tattoo you would receive from a reputable tattoo artist. This method was created by Rodolpho Torres in Brazil back in 2016, and has become a widespread sensation ever since, due to the quality and exact match technology of the inks used to diminish the appearance of such flaws. The results of this procedure can last 5, 10, 20 years, but like any other tattoo on your body, ink will fade through time, so your touch up appointments are important in order to keep you fresh!

For appointments for either service, paramedical tattoo or Brazilian camouflage, please feel free to reach out to me on social media, or by phone directly at 954-774-5087! I have helped many women with mommy makeover scars, breast augmentations, cancer patients, tummy tuck scars, and stretch marks from adolescence or pregnancy, and many more achieve the look they’ve always dreamt of to feel confident and beautiful!