Procell Therapies is cutting-edge biotechnology that has the ability to create breathtaking transformations of the skin that can last a lifetime. A single Procell treatment will create hundreds of thousands of microchannels. In response to each micro-injury, an inflammatory healing process begins which assists in the formation of new collagen. Over time, the repeated healing process improves the surface texture and the overall appearance of the skin, leaving it looking and feeling younger!

What are the Procell Serums made of?

Procell serums are derived from human stem cells and contain a high concentration of natural human growth factors. These help support cellular renewal and have potent regeneration properties – improving skin’s firmness, elasticity, and tone. Fine lines and wrinkles diminish over time while the skin looks and feels brighter, more luminous, and healthy.

What can Procell Therapy Help Alleviate?

  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Acne scars/scar revision
  • Stretch marks
  • Sun damage / hyper-pigmentation
  • Skin tone: texture & firming

The Benefits of Microchaneling

  • Natural, Anti-Inflammatory, Corrective & Anti-aging results
  • Stimulate Collagen and Elastin Production
  • Promote Cell Turnover
  • Peptides, Growth Factors & Cytokines Direct an Immediate Healing Cascade

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