If you’re interested in staying on-trend for the holiday season and looking awesome, then read on! This blog will discuss the eyebrow trends of 2017, and how you can easily take care of them and look your best. 2017 has been all about big, bold, and beautiful eyebrows.

If you’re interested in getting incredible brows and no longer worry about having to fill them in every morning, don’t hesitate to contact Alicia here at New Image Beauty Bar! She can create the perfect eyebrow shape which frames your facial structure. Your brows will be so amazing that strangers will be complimenting you on a daily basis! So what are you waiting for? Contact Alicia and come in for an appointment today!

Big, Natural Brows

A trend that will never go out of style, according to beauty and fashion experts, is the continuation of the large and in charge, natural brows. Brows act as a frame to the face, and when they’re bold and defined, that frame will bring definition and strength to your everyday look. A filled-in brow, accomplished through our Brow Shading procedure, will allow you to wear less eye makeup because it will draw the eye upwards, thus allowing your eye makeup to be softer or even non-existent if you so choose. A bold lip and defined brow can be all that you need to face an important meeting or say yes to that blind date!

There is a Difference Between Heavy and Full

Seeing your favorite model or makeup artist rocking a big, bold eyebrow can inspire you to embrace a new look, but if you’re the owner of a set of thinner brows, think again. Too much pomade or pencil can make your face appear heavy and your brows to seem unnatural. Alicia will focus on Microblading for your style instead, which adds thin, hair-like strokes to your brows for subtle definition and increased fullness. Remember, a thick eyebrow may look awesome on a celebrity you admire, but it might not be a look that enhances your personal and unique beauty, and that is okay! Leave the decision for the expert to decide to avoid being overpowered by your brows.

2017 is the Year for Microblading

2017 has definitely been the busiest year for microblading appointments, and has easily become the year’s hottest trend. When you have your eyebrows microbladed, you’ll walk away with natural, bold, and semi-permanent brows that look absolutely stunning and require no more powders, pomades, or gels! Your features will always be framed by your gorgeous microbladed eyebrows. What is the catch? Microblading lasts 3-5 years depending how well you take care of them. It is recommended to book a touch up appointment once a year, to preserve the look of your brows and keep them looking fresh and fabulous for months to come!

Consider making an appointment to have your eyebrows microbladed. The semi-permanent procedure will change your life, there is no downtime, and your brows will always be “on fleek”. If you’re interested in making an appointment with Alicia, contact New Image Beauty Bar today!