Feel like Quitting? 

Most beginners feel excited, or experience nervousness and fear when starting a new business. If you are not a beginner and adding a new service to your existing business you may also feel a sense of anxiousness, or doubt. I am telling you, what you feel is  NORMAL.

When I finally decided I want to make PMU my chosen profession ten years ago, I felt really excited and I was determined to be successful in this industry no matter what. Of course, there were many hardships and BS I had to overcome. says. “Alicia Shapira Owner of New Image Beauty bar.”

There were  moments more often than not I felt like GIVING UP.  I would tell myself maybe I made the wrong career choice and maybe this really is not for me. I had to dive deep and understand how I can overcome these feelings of self doubt and discouragement. Says “Alicia Shapira.”

I focused on my objective my end GOAL. Why I took this leap of faith ten years ago and made a complete career change. I remember why I started

“You don’t achieve your dreams by playing it safe”

I did not follow the trend, or copy someone else I remained authentic. I had a niche and knew who my audiences was, and is. I wanted to be unique and create my own BRAND. I did not listen to people criticizing, or doubting me. I listened to the people closest to me that genuinely had my best interest. Says “Alicia Shapira”

Loyalty is challenging in this industry so I made it my purpose to keep my circle small and let my students in on all the adversities that I had to face in the past ten years in this industry. I wanted my students to experience these adversities so they can grow, but I also wanted to protect them from every challenge I had to go through in these past ten years. 

I know it can be overwhelming, because I can talk on this first hand. I have had these experiences of financial adversity wondering is my phone going to ring for appointments? Will someone book an appointment? Can I get my followers to increase? Can my engagement grow? Will I last in this industry? How do I start? Where do I start? I think about this daily even NOW.

The answer to all of this do not allow your doubt, or fear paralyze you in this Industry where you do NOTHING that is more dangerous than doing something. 

If you get one more follower, one more phone call, or more appointment than you are WINNING!


You just have to START.

Do NOT Compare yourself to someone else, or someone else business you do not know there background, financial support, demographics, or what internally is transpiring. Focus on you and your GOALS!


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