As everyone knows, your eyebrows can determine the entire look of your face. This is why it is so important to ensure that your brows look amazing and on trend at all times. If you are still not convinced, ask yourself if those razor-thin nineties brows still make you look good!

In terms of brows, 2019 has been all about contouring and great definition. 2019 is not over yet, so you still have time to book those Microblading and Ombre Shading appointments to ring in the New Year!

This is great news because this type of brow shape is very flattering for all face shapes and sizes, regardless of your age. Your brows should always enhance your face (and never detract from it).

If you are wondering whether your brows are on fleek for 2019, if they lift your face, frame and contour it well, then you are doing it right!

To get a head start on great brows for 2020, you should know exactly how to contour your eyebrows correctly. A little practice is always a good thing (just don’t try out a new technique just before a big event).

Apply some color, which gives an ombre-type effect. Meaning it is darker in the tail but gradually lighter in the front. Although your brows will be clearly defined, they will also look natural and is if you were born with them!

The brow tail should always be tapered off into a clearly defined point to give you beautifully-shaped eyebrows. The edges should be highlighted and defined to give them a neat and clear look. After which a matte highlighter should be applied to the brow bone area for a wide-eyed and bright look to your eyes. Remember to blend well and not to apply too much product at once. If you do this, you run the risk of your brows looking unnatural and flat. Always remember to fill only the areas that require shape and color the most!