Hair simulation is an effective treatment for men and woman suffering from hair loss, either as a standalone treatment or combined with surgical hair restoration or hair-loss medications. Hair simulation simulates the appearance of a shaved head of hair; it can also be used to camouflage scarring and can be used with many hair-loss conditions to improve the look and self-confidence of the individual. This non-invasive treatment gives immediate results, requires little maintenance, and provides perfectly natural-looking results.

New Image Beauty Bar believes in the treatment as a successful method of giving the look of a good head of shaved hair or a balding spot on the head.

Hair simulation offers an alternative to traditional hair restoration methods for those who are not good hair transplant candidates, want to have a shaved head of hair look, or are simply not interested in a surgical option. It also allows us to treat severe cases such as scarring and alopecia universalis that can have a profound effect on an individual’s self-confidence.



Often considered to be simple tattooing procedure, hair simulation is a sophisticated treatment based on highly specialized tattooing. It must be performed by an expert practitioner and in the correct hands gives an incredibly natural look. For sufferers of androgenic alopecia and male pattern baldness, New Image Beauty Bar delivers an effective cosmetic solution.

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The specialized equipment and needles used to perform this technique are far superior to those generally used in traditional tattooing, in addition to not needing to place the tone as deep as in other tattooing methods. With many different ink tones at our disposal, we can match to your natural hair color, making a seamless blend with your hair. Hair simulation appeals to many who do not wish to go down the surgical restoration route; a hairline can be created to appear perfectly natural with a soft grade of tone building up to a look of greater density, no different than a natural shaved head of hair. We can blend into native hair or mix with a hair transplant procedure to give the most natural results possible.

Treatment is generally carried out over two to six sessions, with a small interval between each session to allow the scalp to relax and the pigmentation to settle. Although total coverage can be gained in the first session, for most candidates the following sessions are designed to refine your result, including adjustments in tone darkness, variants in tone (as some scalp areas take the pigment differently), and possibly hairline design refinements.

Depending on the area to be treated, a session can take between 2-5 hours, with breaks to stretch your legs and relax. Hair simulation is not a painful experience; the majority of the time no anesthesia is required, and if so it can be applied topically, with no injections. Most feel no more than a light tingling sensation, and there is no loss of sensation or feeling. There may be some slight redness that goes away within a day or two.

How long hair simulation lasts depends on a number of factors. We use high-grade pigmentation inks to ensure longevity, but it can also be affected by the natural skin characteristics. Slight fading can occur over time, and this can be easily remedied, increasing the tone darkness or density or redefining your hairline back to your first treatment if that is your wish. I look forward to working with all of you.



We recreate the appearance of hair to cover scars or add a denser look to existing hair. This specialized form of micro-tattooing is what I use to shade and simulate hair growth to re-create the appearance of a full head of natural-looking hair. I also create tapered to sharp hairlines to match your style needs, skin tone, and head shape. By definition, hair simulation is a tattoo for hair loss, requiring numerous needle sizes and proper color selection. This procedure can take up to 16 hours. The scalp pigmentation industry is actively progressing and will continue to do so.

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