Maybe you’ve heard of Fibroblast Plasma Therapy before? It’s the newest skin tightening procedure that is allowing people to skip surgery and get amazing results, quick!

This procedure uses a ‘pen’ like machine to create an electrical discharge that singes the top layers of the skin, creating a tiny plasma effect, that tightens the deeper layers of skin. Your tissues will retract and tighten, providing you with a more youthful-looking appearance. Skin elasticity and tightening will continue to improve as time goes on post-treatment, and your skin continues to heal and repair.  



You will notice results immediately after the procedure, but results will continue to improve for the next 3 months.



Your skin will be slightly red and swollen directly after the treatment, but these effects should disappear in the first week.



The best thing is this treatment is non-surgical and does not hurt, but there may be some minimal discomfort.



Anyone who has thought about a facelift, but is not quite severe enough to go into surgery, should consider Fibroblast Plasma Pen. Many patients like to use this treatment to treat their sagging eyelids, but it can be used on the entire face!

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