While our industry grows and procedures constantly changing to provide the latest trending techniques, so does the need to find reputable educators we can trust to learn from. Unfortunately, our industry has become saturated with people who call themselves educators when they do not hold the proper certification to do so. It has also been brought to my attention that people come to the United States illegally to teach procedures, this is extremely punishable by law and not allowed. You should always ensure you are checking the accreditation of “educators” you choose to learn from.

An out-of-country “educator” is not allowed UNLESS a United States citizen is hosting them, and they have a valid work visa to do so. If not, they are breaking the law. Think about it. They are coming to the United States, charging double what they would charge to teach in their hometown, and paying $0 in taxes on the money they make, getting rich off of us. This happened to the creator of PhiBrows, Branko Babic, which is the exact reason why he is no longer allowed back in the United States. Two women, who are U.S Citizens, learned the training directly from him and became grand masters themselves to still be able to offer the brand and training in the USA.

So please, I cannot stress enough to be careful with whom you choose to learn certain techniques from, and what you are paying to learn it! Do your research!