New Image Beauty Bar’s medical-grade serum by Alicia Shapira, is created with vitamins and organic oils that penetrate directly into the skin to improve the appearance of your scars. This treatment replenishes the cellular turnover and improves the collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis of your skin. This Inkless technique is exactly that, we do not use any ink for this treatment, only our medical-grade vitamin formula is used to penetrate the skin, nourish it and minimize the overall look of your scars.

Inkless Scar Lightening, Our treatment is a unique blend of medical-grade vitamins and minerals, created by Alicia over years of experience. This blend uses organic ingredients to target cell turnover, rejuvenation, and reconstruction of Collagen, elasticity, and cells!

This Treatment is perfect for you if you have:

• Breast Surgical Scars
• Lipo Scars
• BBL Scars
• Tummy Tuck Scars
• Mommy Makeover Scars
• Injury Scars
• And any other dark-colored scars

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