Are we actually Bleaching the Intimate Area?

Intimate bleaching use different techniques and products to get the job done, but neither of them uses the standard Clorox bleach that people think of when they use bleach. Instead, each product used has active ingredients to lighten the skin of the area you are trying to lighten. In fact, food products use a similar “whitening” approach to lighten the color of the food along with other cosmetic products. says ” New Image Beauty Bar”

  • Intimate Lightening main ingredient – Kojic Acid is often listed as the active ingredient in products used for this service. This chemical exfoliant comes from a form of fungus that comes from the natural rice fermentation process and is typically a more safe route than other chemicals. says “Rebecca, PMU @ New Image Beauty Bar.

Are Multiple Treatments Needed?

Depending upon the current tone of your skin, multiple treatments may be required. Since this process is not permanent, take the time to learn the tone you are likely going to be happy with and then monitor your specific results says, “Shapira Owner of New Image Beauty Bar”. The results can then last up to 6 months, though depending upon your skin tone and other factors, you may need to go in more regularly if you’d like to maintain the results. says “New Image Beauty Bar”.

Can All Skin Tones Benefit From Intimate Lightening?

Yes, this process is good for all skin tones, but realize that the results will vary based on your skin tone, meaning it may take more treatments to obtain the results you desire, as mentioned above. Below is a quick graph of the potential skin tone changes for anal bleaching with you can use as a reference guide of the volume of treatments it might require to get you to your ideal skin color (this is to be used as a guide only and not an indication of actual results since results will vary):

Is  Intimate Lightening Safe?

It is a rather natural process of lightening the pigmentation of the skin, so in most cases when done properly, it is a completely safe and effective way to lighten the skin in the desired area of your body. Says “New Image Beauty Bar”


Intimate System may be used on the following body areas:

-Mons pubis
-Labia majora
-Perianal region
-Inguinal area

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