After the procedure, you will probably feel like you want to cry because you look a little red and swollen. Please try to remember this is normal! The act of Microblading is putting trauma toward the skin after all. I can’t even begin to tell you how many phone calls or text messages I have received immediately following performing the procedure, with women almost cursing my name to how bad they think they look! But trust and believe in the healing process, follow specific instructions for after care, and you will be ready for your touch up before you know it!

Here is a list of instructions to follow just in case you forget:

  1. Do not wet the area for 7 days.

How am I supposed to do this you ask? Easy, please wash your face carefully around the eyebrow without getting water on the treated area.

  1. No rubbing, no picking.

The treated area might feel a little ticklish during the first phase of recovery, but rubbing the area may cause you to develop an infection, so please, let your skin peel as it’s supposed to.

  1. Keep your hair away from your face.

Remember your hair contains natural oils, so even if you have bangs please try to just keep them off of the face to avoid anything from blocking your healing process.

  1. No GTL for a while (well, laundry is ok)

It is important to avoid sun beds, tannings, excessive sweating in the gym, and makeup on the brow area for at least 10 days; allow yourself to heal before continuing these activities.

The entire healing process will take from 4-6 weeks depending on your body’s regeneration, age, immune system and lifestyle. Improper care often results in fading or “patchy” brows. Note that because of natural skin regeneration, after recovery period brows might appear lighter than original. Often, even with proper care, customers develop bald spots or loose original hairstrokes which makes brows look uneven. It is absolutely normal because your natural skin regeneration is not a process your technician can control, thus a touch up appointment is appropriate to schedule to assure your brows are flawless after the first round of healing!