Missouri woman, Jami Ledbetter has been left with botched eyebrows following Microblading from a person claiming to be a professional. This is the latest story circulating across America right now and as a professional in the industry, I wanted to bring even more awareness to this woman’s story, so no one else may need to go through this type of situation ever again!

I have said time and time again – DO YOUR RESEARCH! As a business owner, of course I would love for you to come to my establishment and receive one of my procedures, 1. I am well established, 2. I actually have the experience to perform AND teach these procedures others claim to know. But as a business owner I also understand that my prices are not for everyone, and that’s fine, we all have budgets to follow! But lately there have been constant horror stories of women who buy groupon’s for microblading, or any other permanent makeup procedure, and are left scarred and humiliated.

This is what Ledbetter had to say about her experience: “I was devastated. I was even dating a guy and he stopped dating me at that point. It killed my confidence. I couldn’t cover it with make-up – I even went to another woman who said she could “camouflage” my brows – but six weeks later – still no changes.”

It wasn’t until she found an actual professional in the industry who was able to remove the old job with a tattoo removal solution and fix her eyebrows.

Problem is, Microblading isn’t regulated in the state of Missouri. The state`s office of tattooing, body piercing and branding has a disclaimer on its website about microblading that reads in part quote: “Although the office recognizes the potential for public safety issues… The office has not been given specific statutory authority to regulate this practice.”

That`s not the case across the state line in Kansas where permanent makeup technicians are required to have 12-hundred hours of training, at least 50 completed procedures that can be verified and an apprenticeship.

Not only is it appropriate to do your research on your artist and their credentials, but I would suggest on being more thorough and even researching how many hours your state recognizes as appropriate completion for the training. For Florida Standards and Regulations, please visit: http://www.floridahealth.gov/environmental-health/tattooing/microblading.html