Dear Momma,

Happy Birthday to our REAL LIFE Super Hero. Our instant best friend and confidant. We do not know how you continue to provide strength for all of us these past few difficult years. You are the glue that holds our family together. We would be lost without you.

Thank you for always providing us with wisdom and guidance. For teaching us to be entrepreneurs and to always support other women!

Thank you for always believing in US and showing US unconditional love.

Thank you teaching us to be “STRONG WOMAN” and to never quit, or give up.

Thank you for being the absolute best Nanny AKA GLAMMA to our boys they are obsessed with you, and love you more than us we think…  lol!

Happy Birthday MOMMA WE LOVE YOU more than we could ever formulate into words, but we hope you always know how proud we are of you!

Love always,

Alicia and Becca

Aka your girls!