If you have been stressing about how you are going to be able to afford expanding your career and learning Microblading, Magic Glow Stretch Mark/Under Eye Camouflage, Permanent Makeup, or simply receiving any of my offered procedures, then fret no longer! United Medical Credit has your solution!

We are thrilled to announce New Image Beauty Bar has become a part of the United Medical Credit union for alternative payment options for both Educational services and Procedural services through financing! United Medical Credit works with multiple lenders to provide a variety of financing options – and not just for applicants with perfect credit. Best of all, their team will work with you individually to review your financing options so that you don’t have to!

By accessing the link below, you can begin your United Medical credit application and get approved today! In the Service Type drop down menu to begin your application, please select “Med Spa” if your goal is to be financed for educational purposes. If you are looking to be financed for receiving procedures, you will choose “Permanent Makeup” from this list. You must choose to finance no less than $1000.


What does United Medical Credit offer its applicants?

They assist applicants in securing financing for most healthcare procedures, including cosmetic, dental, bariatric, fertility and just about any other healthcare procedure.

How does United Medical Credit work?

Once your application is submitted, they will submit it to the lending partner best qualified to give you the maximum approval amount at the best terms. Often, you will receive this decision within seconds. Some lending partners may take longer but you will always get a response by the next business day.

If your application is pre-qualified, they may contact you to review the terms and conditions. Once you accept the terms and provide the stipulations if required, our lending partners will disburse the funds to you or directly to your healthcare provider depending on the lending partner. If your application is denied, you can always resubmit your application with a qualified co-signer (co-applicant).

What are the minimum requirements for getting approved?

Each lending partner has unique requirements and takes multiple factors into consideration including but not limited to income, credit profile, and outstanding debt balances.