Eyebrows are the most striking facial feature. They shape the face and emphasize the eyes; there are many different types of eyebrow treatments which help to make them look the way you want, and for a long period of time. The newest trend in the world of beauty is eyebrow extensions, which raised its popularity due to the current trend on thick, bolder eyebrows look. In this article we will take a closer look to this new, revolutionary procedure and identify the pros and cons.

What are eyebrow extensions?

This procedure is similar to eyelash extensions, when little hair pieces adheres to fill in textures. Thanks to this, women will save a lot of time doing their makeup, and money from buying eyebrow touch up kits. All you need is to brush your new extended eyebrows in the morning and it will look well-groomed all day.

How the procedure is done

Eyebrow extension can be applied to your own eyebrow hair as well as directly to the skin. The second method is good for people whose hair doesn`t grow naturally for different reasons- some people are born this way and some lost hair due to an accident or chemotherapy. In any case scenario, with hair extensions women and men can feel confident again by getting these naturally looking eyebrows. If applied to the hair, it is done one by one. This technique is very similar to eyelash extensions. If directly to the skin, specialist will apply hair in the direction of the hair growth.

Does it look natural?

Professionals use tiny fibers of synthetic or mink hairs to give eyebrow extensions as close to natural look as possible. Hair fibers come in different diameter, color and texture. To attach individual hair piece, one at a time, a technician will use surgical adhesive, which is very gentle.

How long do eyebrow extensions last?

It is fair to say, that this kind of extension does not last long. If you are very careful and gentle it may last for up to three weeks, but more realistically you will need to go for a touchup every two weeks.

How much does eyebrow extensions procedure cost?

Price range for this treatment is pretty vague- It depends on how thick you want your eyebrows to be. It usually starts at $50 and goes up to $200. If you already have thick, bold brows and want just an accent on them, then you will pay a minimum price which will cover the cost of about 25% of extended hair. In case it is opposite, and you only have 25% of your own eyebrow hair, you might want to get a full 75% or more eyebrow extension set. 

Where can you get eyebrow extensions?

Popularity of this procedure spread in the states very quick and already took over big cities such as New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and others.

Is it permanent?

Eyebrow extension is not permanent as it lasts less than a month. If you are looking for an alternative method of eyebrow treatment, which is permanent and will lasts for up to 3 years, you should consider permanent eyebrow tattoo or microblading.

Taking care of eyebrow extensions

Unlike, permanent tattoo, eyebrow hair extensions requires a gentle everyday care. If following the rules, your extensions can lasts for more than 3 weeks without falling off.

The rules are: No excessive touching, no scrubbing, no washing too often and no brow makeup.

Alternative to Eyebrow Extensions: Permanent Makeup and Microblading

Permanent eyebrow tattoo

This method is suitable for women and men who want to make their eyebrows look shaped and expressive for a long period of time. This procedure has a reasonable cost and does not require constant touchups. Besides, there are different methods and techniques of permanent eyebrow makeup which gives an opportunity to choose the one which will be perfect for you. Different popular techniques include:

Powder Filled

This technique is used to fill out areas which already has hair, to add shades and make it darker. Great for shaping.

Hair Stroke

This technique is opposite from powdered filled and is commonly used on those who have no eyebrow hair or only a little. This technique requires a lot of professionalism as after applying hair-like strokes and then shading, eyebrows are supposed to look as natural as possible.


This procedure is similar to hair stroke with a difference of a distance between the strokes which are positioned closer together.

3D Eyebrow

Extremely popular method as it enhances your natural eyebrows appearance. Tiny hair-like strokes are made on small sections which gives it 3D effect. Important to add: mineral pigment is used for this technique. 


This procedure is done by a hand tool with extra fine needles which makes gentle hair-like strokes into the skin and gives it a very realistic and natural look. The results are immediate. Completed in about 1-2 hours your first session, with minimal or no pain. Microblading is considered a semi-permanent procedure, and it lasts approximately 1-3 years.

Note: this technique is great for every skin type, except extremely oily. According to these facts, microblading and permanent makeup could be just the perfect alternative to eyebrow extensions.


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