Permanent Makeup is the perfect way to get the “new you” on. Are you tired of getting up each day dreading the thought of putting your makeup on just right? Well you are certainly not alone. Billions of women use conventional cosmetics daily for a multitude of reasons. A few of the top answers when women were asked are to make their eyes “pop”, “tweek” imperfections, and “cover-up” unwanted marks and discolorations.

Did you ever stop and think of our self-talk while laboring over bringing your features out more, hiding them or changing them, etc? Really, what are we thinking about ourselves? Most women will agree it begins a whole dialog of what we are unhappy about in ourselves. Perhaps our thinking or mindset is not even something we are consciously aware of. I would bet it’s not.

So the freedom of not having to do the hard stuff each morning, not to mention throughout the day because permanent makeup has done that for you can reveal a more “healthy-esteemed” you. When you have permanent makeup you are free to apply more makeup or not, you know just do what you want to do like the finishing touches of mascara. Focusing on the “fun stuff” with your morning routine will help you get your day going in a more positive direction while allowing your creativity to exercise itself.

Women are seeking ways to relax, reduce stress, and find quiet moments. Creativity is a great tool. That’s why experimenting with makeup tops the list with women. One, it’s something they do each day and there’s constant change with a plethora of colors, textures, purposes and types of packaging. It’s quite stimulating mentally. Let’s face it when you look good, you feel better — we have been hearing that our whole life.  Secondly, we are innately wired with a desire to be ourselves and that includes using makeup to achieve the look we desire, so that we feel more like ourselves, only better.

Makeup has been part of a woman’s day forever. Whether it be about protecting our skin from damaging rays with a tinted sunscreen or coating our lashes for a doe-eye look, no matter your preference or how you feel about yourself makeup can do the trick.

When properly placed permanent makeup can restore shape, color and balance that often times takes years off. Yes, you can expect to look fresh and content instead of tired or mad. You would be surprised. I recommend a consultation and find out what you can expect from having your brows or lips colored and reshaped with permanent makeup. Our studio gets calls each day asking about “feathered eyebrows” or if we use “hairstroke” technique for a natural looking eyebrows.

There are various techniques and a qualified artist will be able to show you photos before, during and after of their work to help you decide which permanent makeup technique is best suited for you.