Alicia has been doing makeup for almost 5 years, so she is not only a professional, she is also an artist. Her experience, steady hand, and passion for beauty translate over to permanent makeup. She prides herself on providing the most natural procedures in the business. There are many great technicians out there, but Alicia’s distinct style, obsession with perfection, and intense attention to detail are what set her apart from the rest. A substantial percentage of her clients come to her for corrections after experiencing unsatisfactory treatments done elsewhere. Permanent makeup isn’t supposed to be noticeable — it’s meant to look natural, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at New Image Beauty Bar.


Although permanent makeup lasts for years, allowing you to focus on more important matters, the exact length of time varies depending on skin type, lifestyle, and exposure to the sun. To maximize the duration, please follow the after-treatment care provided above and try to always cover the treated area when in the sun.