A lot of things have changed this 2020 and many of us have had to adapt. With new protocols, limited capacity and social distancing, some have had to make changes, and this goes for the beauty industry as well.

Many permanent makeup artist training courses are done in larger groups of students and teachers, which could pose a problem during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, at New Image Beauty Bar all of our students receive one-on-one training with Alicia Shapira. This not only helps comply with COVID-19 protocols, but it also gives each of her students a tailored and high-quality training experience. Each student is monitored and guided through the whole training, allowing them to get the best training possible!


Our top priority at New Image Beauty Bar has always been our clients, and we are happy to continue providing our clients and students with a safe and comfortable space.

A few benefits of training one on one:

  • High-quality interactions where students feel heard.
  • Low-stress environment frees students from fear of failure
  • Less interaction and spread of germs
  • Alicia can gauge the student’s progress and mastery
  • Gives students the opportunity to step up and no rely on others.
  • Avoids overstimulation and eliminates distractions
  • Ability to personalize training

Please feel free to call us or send us a message for more details on how else we are keeping our space safe!

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