Advantages of Permanent Makeup

To some the idea of permanent makeup seems a little too permanent and risky, while for others the idea is appealing. Imagine never having to apply and reapply eyeliner, lip liner or eyebrows again.

What a gift for those suffering from the loss or thinning of eyebrows or eyelashes due to age, hormonal imbalance or illness.

Permanent eyebrows can make a big difference in one’s daily routine as well as rebuilding self-confidence and self-esteem. Permanent makeup procedures today can replicate the look of real hair, providing clients (men and women) with natural looking fuller and perfectly shaped eyebrows.

The application of eyeliner and lip liner can be challenging or impossible for those suffering from severe allergies or those with vision problems, lack of dexterity, or physical impairments such as arthritis or tremors.

Those who are physically active can look great even through the sweat and can say goodbye to smudging, fading, streaking or flaking of makeup. And those short on time can jump out of bed and the shower looking fresh and finished without having a makeup routine to slow them down.

Permanent makeup is appealing to women of all ages, skin types or ethnic origins.

Disadvantages of Permanent Makeup

Fading – While your permanent makeup will never go away completely it will fade over time requiring periodic maintenance to freshen the look and color.  One or two follow-up treatments (6-8 weeks after the initial appointment) are usually necessary to achieve the optimal results.Like most things, paying for a high quality, professional artist comes at an expense. Choose your artist wisely, as a low-priced “bargain” provider may use low quality pigments and implements that can be potentially harmful and an inexperienced practitioner may leave you with an undesirable but permanent result.

Temporary discomfort – yes, the key word is TEMPORARY. Some clients experience brief discomfort during the procedure and temporary swelling after words.  However, most will agree it’s a small price to pay for every day, no fuss radiance.

If you would like to go to an artist you can trust, without a doubt to give you the look you have been searching for, please don’t hesitate to contact Alicia Shapira directly at 954-774-5087. Alicia is an experienced professional and instructor who loves to stay on the phone and answer any questions you may have regarding your desired procedure. Be sure to book your appointments soon and take advantage of the Permanent Eyeliner and Lip Shading special going on now through December!