BB Cream, Meet BB Glow!

When most younger women think of “permanent makeup” they envision the old style of unattractive lip color, eye liner, and shadow they will have to succumb to for the rest of their life. But permanent makeup has made great strides in the last decade, and we have seen results to be proven as natural and flawless- making us feel our most beautiful! And BB Glow is showing the world that permanent makeup is the best invention yet.

What is a BB Glow Treatment?

BB Glow is better described as semi-permanent foundation. Basically, the look you see when you put on BB cream is what this BB Glow Facial promises.

The process is quite simple. It involves nano needling a pigmented vitamin serum into the skin. The pigment results in a glow that comes through the top layers of the skin, similar to what BB cream does on top of the skin.

The results are natural and subtle. Most people who receive this treatment report they are usually the only ones who notice because it never looks caked or dull like foundation becomes throughout the day (especially in our south florida humidity!) The comments they receive from others are along the lines of, “You seem to be glowing lately!” or “Your face looks flawless!”

The results last as long as a year, but some people start to see a decrease in appearance of the serum after about 6 months. Treatment consists of two-four sessions depending on your skin, for optimal results.

What is important to know about the BB Glow Facial is that it does not change the color of your skin- It simply places small pigments of color into the skin to change the color that is shown on the face. The actual skin is the same color.

Who gets BB Glow?

Any and Every one who wants to cover imperfections on their face, gets the BB Glow treatment here at New Image Beauty Bar! Those with hyper-pigmentation, rosacea, blemishes and dark under-eye circles are especially excited about this new advancement.

Those with acne really love this treatment because it’s a great way to reduce the appearance of the blemishes on the skin without clogging pores. When the serum is placed, the skin absorbs it rather than it sitting on top of and inside the pores. It evens out the skin tone, so the redness of pimples is much less noticeable.

Stayve Brand and Most Popular Colors

New Image Beauty Bar provides permanent makeup solutions and camouflaging tattoo body procedures to enhance individuals’ confidence and self-love. If you’re interested in trying BB Glow Facial or any of our other offered services such as Brazilian Stretch Mark Tattoo, Fibroblast Skin Tightening, Permanent makeup, and more contact us at (954) 774-5087 for an appointment. Alicia would love to help you look and feel beautiful.