January Stretch Marks Tattoo Workshop

The Stretch Marks Camouflage Workshop was developed for professionals in the health, esthetics, beauty and tattoo industry. We cordially invite you to confirm your attendance for our training course. All participating student professionals receive the personalized certificate of the workshop participation, and much more! The workshop will be taught by Brazilian artist, Fernanda Jaffre in Fort Lauderdale on January 17, 2018, and we are currently looking for 6 professionals to take advantage of this amazing workshop to expand your careers! Currently, Fernanda Jaffre is the working owner at Magic Ink Studio, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This course has gained worldwide attention, and the technique is gaining more prestige every passing day, making it an enormous differential in tattoo studios and aesthetic clinics. In the offered workshop, you will be learning a full day course in all the theory, and will be demonstrated the execution of the camouflage on a real model. A one-time opportunity to learn the “magic ink” method, never before seen in the United States, for an amazing price is yours for the taking! Note that the professionals who will participate in the workshop will have the opportunity to learn technical skills with a pioneering tattoo camouflage artist and they will have the privilege of becoming a pioneer in the United States, because it is an exclusive procedure offered only in Brazil until now! This procedure is unique and innovative, it is not to be confused with micro-pigmentation; it is a tattoo- an eternal aesthetic solution for the problem of stretch marks. This technique appeared in Brazil less than a year ago and its becoming a success in the Aesthetic and Tattoo market. How much is your knowledge worth? Hurry and Sign up by calling or texting Alicia Shapira directly at 954-774-5087, or emailing Alicia.newimagebeautybar@gmail.com.  

Hide your Stretch Marks for good

The problem with stretch marks (a.k.a. tiger stripes, a.k.a. striae) is that no matter what color they are, they’re still scars. When collagen and elastin fibers tear during puberty, weight gain, or pregnancy, the skin’s color and texture is permanently damaged. Stretch marks usually fade from red or purple to white, leaving indented streaks that don’t plump back up. Still, there’s no real consensus on how to get rid of them. Getting traumatized skin to flatten out and return to its original color is a tall order for any dermatologist. That’s where Alicia Shapira comes in, and we are so proud to announce Fernanda Jaffre, Brazilian scar and stretch mark camouflage expert, is making her debut trip to the United States in January 2018 to teach a technique never before used in the United States. This new method of camouflage is so innovative, you can now tan and not have to worry about a difference in skin tone! Most clients will require three treatments, three to four weeks apart, for best results. If you are a licensed specialist and would like to attend class to learn this new technique, and build your career, please contact Alicia directly at 954-774-5087 for pricing and details. If you are interested in being a live model for this class, we will be posting the beginning of January 2018 on our social media sites with the dates and times; so stay tuned!
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