Scalp Micro-pigmentation on the Rise

Without a doubt, scalp micropigmentation is the fastest growing solution for male hair loss in recent history.

It is non-invasive, has universal appeal and is permanent, but only if you want it to be. Furthermore, it remains the only permanent hair loss fix to offer instantaneous, guaranteed results.

Tiny micro-dots are placed into the scalp to create the illusion of a hair follicle.

Scalp micropigmentation is the process of replicating the appearance of shaven hair, by introducing thousands of tiny pigment deposits into the epidermis of the scalp. When placed by a skilled technician, the recipient appears as if they have a full head of hair, shaved to a very short length.

More men than ever before, and an increasing number of women, are choosing scalp pigmentation in favor of traditional remedies such as hair transplant surgery, concealers, hair systems and drug-based solutions.

What is the treatment process?

A relatively simple treatment to undertake, the scalp micropigmentation method consists of depositing small ‘dots’ of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin, with the use of a fine needle. Combined with thousands of other ‘dots’, an illusion of a full head of shaved hair is created.

The client usually requires 2-3 sessions, each lasting approximately 2-3 hours, but time does vary depending on individual requirements. The process is repeated until both the technician and client are satisfied that the semblance of hair cannot be distinguished from the surrounding real hair.

Does the treatment hurt?

Most people experience a mild amount of discomfort during the early stages of the session, though this tends to become more tolerable as the session progresses. Some areas of the scalp have a denser collection of nerve endings than others, particularly at the sides of the head, and can often be the most challenging to deal with, but many choose to focus on the benefits and the final of the treatment to help contain the sensation.

What is the recovery period?

Once the pigments are deposited, the skin needs to heal. A recovery period of one week should be allowed, so that the micro-wounds created during the procedure may dry up and close while the pigments get assimilated into the dermal layer.

The treatment process must likewise follow a fairly strict procedure that allows the patient’s scalp to heal between treatment sessions. The industry standard timescales are as follows:

Day 1 – first session

Day 8 (or later) – second session

Day 15 (or later) – third session

Basically, leave a minimum of one week between each session, however there are a couple of considerations.

First, it is feasible to leave just 5 days between each session for clients who have an issue with time, for example when they’re traveling from far away for their procedure. Second, it is common to leave several weeks between the second and third sessions, to allow time for the pigments to fully settle and to establish whether or not a third session is actually needed.


Are there any common side effects?

Micropigmentation in general has very limited side effects and does not tend to cause adverse reactions. This is because the technique addresses the visual symptom, (the hair loss itself) rather than the underlying cause. This makes a full medical diagnosis less important. Whilst the side effects are limited, the advice of a technician prior to starting treatment is still necessary.

How much does scalp micropigmentation cost?

Treatments depend heavily on the clients requirements, therefore cost will be determined at the consultation appointment. Feel free to send photos directly to Alicia via messenger or text at 954-774-5087 to get an estimate.

How long does the illusion last?

Everyone wants to know how long their treatment will last. The nature of the process means that it will fade slowly over a period of time. Whilst the pigments will probably remain visible for 20 years or more, regular touch-ups are needed to keep your ‘hair’ looking its best. Most clients find they need touch-ups every 3-5 years.

For maximum longevity, it is important to keep the scalp in a good condition. Ensure that your head is cleansed and moisturized daily, take adequate precautions in the sun and avoid topical products that contain alcohol.

Maintenance costs

Fading will inevitably occur. Clients will have to visit once every 3-5 years.

Have hair transplants?

Compliment a hair transplant by filling in with micro dots and make it look like you have more hair.

Are you bald?

You can now appear to have a SHAVED HEAD LOOK. No more shiny, bald head!

If you’re a male or female interested in scalp micropigmentation, don’t hesitate to Call or text 954-774-5087 to book your appointments. A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your appointment. A 24-hour cancellation notice is our policy and strictly enforced.


Tattoo Solution for Hair Loss

Hair loss is no longer a permanent problem! New Image Beauty Bar offers alternative solutions for hair loss and scars - Hair Simulation. New Image Beauty Bar in Coral Springs, FL, provides a hair loss solution that recreates the appearance of hair to cover scars or add a denser look to existing hair through Alicia Shapira’s one-of-a-kind technique! Alicia has been featured on Deco Drive for this service. Hair Simulation is a form of micro-tattooing, performed to shade and simulate hair growth to re-create the appearance of a full head of natural looking hair.  Alicia Shapira is trained and certified to create hairlines to match your style needs, skin tone and head shape. By definition, Hair Simulation is a tattoo for hair loss, requiring numerous needle sizes and proper color selection. It is the artistic talent of the licensed cosmetic tattoo artist that make the results a work of art. Hair Simulation tattoos generally take anywhere between 3 to 5 hours to complete. The process is completed with a specialized ink, that provides natural appearance of real hair follicles. Hair Simulation tattoos are available for many different conditions and types of hair loss. This process is considerably less invasive and complicated than hair transplants, and provide the look of real hair right away. Send Alicia an email with a photo of your personal hair situation for her review to and she will contact you with detailed recommendations and an estimate for her services. Call (954) 774-5087 today and Alicia will help you determine your best options!

Hair Simulation: Look young again

Ever wonder if there is a solution to your thinning hairline? Are you a man or woman who possibly just needs to fill in a few balding spots on your scalp? Then you have come to the right place! New Image Beauty Bar offers a procedure known as Hair Simulation, or hair tattooing, and it is quickly gaining popularity nationally and internationally. Hair Simulation is a faster, much easier way to gain your confidence again and allow you to leave your hats at home! There is a solution to your problem! Hair Follicle Simulation is by far the best treatment for thinning and balding heads. Why? When done by an experienced professional, such as Alicia Shapira, the finished product will closely resemble real hair follicles. Smooth to the touch, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference of a tattooed area. This is a great option for those men who like to wear the “buzz” cut. Scalp micro-pigmentation offers a stylish, modern look without any drawbacks, and best of all, no one will be able to tell its “fake”! Advances in the Industry Technology has evolved over the last few years in the industry, giving enough power to implant the color within a few hours. Rather than a single needle tapping color into the balding area and taking up to 12 hours for a complete session, the process usually takes 2-4 hours to complete and is finished in just one session. Rarely a second session is needed. What should you expect after the procedure? There may be minimal swelling the day after the treatment, and the scalp will appear dark for the first few days. Afterwards, the scalp will start to peel and flake, and the color will appear light or hazy. The total healing process takes approximately 4 weeks. Just Remember… Hair transplants and hair replacement treatments are very expensive and can create future problems such as scarring.  Micropigmentation is becoming one of the most sought after hair-loss solutions, because it is a less invasive method and has a quick healing time. Anyone interested in this procedure can contact Alicia directly for a private consultation and pricing information.
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