How to Get Plump Lips Without Filler?

Lip filler has been an extremely popular procedure in the last few years, and it's no secret why. Lip fillers not only add volume, but it smooths lip wrinkles, improves color, fixes asymmetries, and can define the lip borders even more. If done properly, a beautiful lip filler treatment can transform a person's face. The only problem with lip fillers is the need for invasive needles, which can pose a problem for many people who have a fear of needles. This is where the hyaluron pen comes in.   A hyaluron pen is a needle-free, handheld device that uses high pressure to "inject" hyaluronic acid fillers into the lips. There are no needles and no punctures. The pressure is so strong that it can push small amounts of hyaluronic acid fillers into the lips each time the device is used. Our patients have compared the feeling to a small rubber band snap for a moment and that's it. There is rarely any blood, NEVER any bruising and hardly any discomfort at all. The hyaluronic acid fillers used for the hyaluron pen is the exact same fillers used for lip injections, the only difference is, we ditch the needles.   So if you're looking to get those plump lips and lip filler results you've always wanted, then check out the hyaluron pen. Achieve the same results, with no recovery and no needles! Here are some immediate results of 1CC (full syringe) of lip filler with the hyaluron pen.

Plumped lips directly after treatment

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Choosing the Best Lip Shade for your Skin Tone

Most of us have a bunch of lipsticks in our beauty bag, some that we wear all the time, some that never get touched. There's a reason for that. You may have fallen in love with a lipstick in the store or on J.LO’s face, but when you put it on yourself? It just doesn't work. That's likely because the lipstick color clashes with your skin tone. Especially seen in permanent lip shading and permanent lip liner practice, it is crucial to test and try on the shades ahead of time, to ensure complete satisfaction with the color. After all, it's a commitment! Alicia Shapira is an expert permanent makeup artist, and here are the top 3 things she considers important when choosing the right shade for your lips, for both a permanent procedure or simple daily buy and wear:
  1. Identifying Your Undertone
First, the basics. Everyone’s skin has undertones of either yellow or pink. Yellow is warmer, pink is cooler. Knowing your undertone is enormously helpful when you're trying to figure out which shades look best on you. A quick way to identify your skin's undertone is to look at the veins on your wrist. If they are blue, and you also tend to gravitate towards wearing blues, whites, and grays, you’ve got pink undertones. If your veins appear greener, you have a warmer yellow undertone. If they appear to be both blue and green, you are the lucky owner of a neutral skin tone (meaning equal pink and yellow tones), and you can wear any color. Still unsure? Hold a piece of gold jewelry and a piece of silver jewelry up to your face. Ignoring your personal preference, assess which looks better with your skin — cooler (pink) tones go better with silver jewelry, whereas warm (yellow) skin tones work better with gold.
  1. Try Matching your Undertone
You want to focus on shades similar to your undertone when choosing a shade, says Alicia. “For yellow undertones, stick to warmer colors and for pink undertones, look for shades with blue or purple tones in them.” And everyone should avoid lip colors with a gray, ashy or overly pale feel, Alicia says. These can often make the skin look sickly or unhealthy and are unflattering.
  1. Skin Tone can’t steer you wrong
To simplify the process, you can also stick to shades that typically suit olive, fair and darker skin tones. Olive skin tones are generally neutral, so it's hard for you to go wrong. “Most nude, pink, orange, and red shades are going to look good on you,” Alicia says. The great thing about really fair skin is that you can typically go for darker, bolder colors to really play up your look, explains Alicia. But be careful, avoiding anything too light or with too much of a yellow undertone so you don’t look washed out. Lastly for darker skin tones, Deep plums, berries and reds look fantastic! Alicia suggests also avoiding anything too light or pale on the lips — deeper shades look more naturally flattering for this kind of complexion. Regardless of your tone and undertone, it’s up to you to decide what looks best and most flattering on yourself, and during your permanent lip shading appointment with Alicia, she will also suggest which shade is most suitable for you and your daily wear!

The Ins and Outs of Permanent Makeup

Well...maybe not officially "permanent". The term "semi-permanent" is more accurate, considering that it does fade over time. Blame it on your weird neighbor with the block-shaped tattoo eyebrows, but semi-permanent makeup sometimes gets a bad rap, but we are here to make sure you know that 2017 is all about getting your look as natural as possible. You won't see any tattoo ink at New Image Beauty Bar—Alicia Shapira works with high-quality pigments, which are shade-matched to be an exact reflection of the hairs on your eyebrows and lashes, or the pink of your lips. As expected, every appointment begins with a brief consultation. Alicia will always begin by speaking to her client on the end goal, and from there, she'll draw a template of what is being done. Once the client approves, she works with you to pick the proper shade, which gets placed right on top of her sketch after the appropriate areas have been numbed. If you're on blood thinners, you wouldn't be a good candidate for semi-permanent cosmetics, but everyone else should qualify.
  1. Before the Appointment
Make sure to do tons of research on the places you're considering. Alicia recommends looking up reviews, as well as before and after pictures, but take note if you see the same pictures repeated, as some practices have been known to steal their pictures. "We have a watermark on our photos to prevent that, and always ask to see permits. If they don't have a permit, run," she says. "Liability insurance is important in the case that something goes wrong, and just look around and use your judgement—the office should be extremely sterile." One giveaway you're in good hands? The one-way needle. Any needles that arrive in pre-packaged and sanitized from the company are what you should seek out, and the proper ink—not tattoo ink—needs to be used. Alicia suggests arriving for your appointment a half hour early so that the appropriate numbing measures are taken, though rest assured that Alicia will continue numbing you throughout the process. After the first pass, the client is usually good, and they say it was easier than they thought it would be.
  1. Eyebrows
Don't confuse this technique with Microblading. With semi-permanent brows, Alicia uses what she calls a "hairstroke technique" by needling in individual hairs to create a natural-looking full shape. Brow shading is a way for you to get thicker looking eyebrows through coloring.
  1. Eyes
Tattoo eyeliner is all the rage for those of you who are tired of practicing in the mirror for that perfect winged tip. Subtly drawn, Alicia will never make you leave looking like Amy Winehouse, and places the line just gently to ensure flawless application and light healing.
  1. Lips
As we get older, some women will lose pigment around their lips, and the pink fades away, so Alicia tries  to match the natural pink color on the inside portion of your bottom lip. She re-pigments the lips, and there's the possibility to make the lips look slightly larger. She starts by tracing your vermillion border, then fills in the rest of the lips with the pink shade, which veers no more than a shade or two darker than your natural hue. Healing takes about a week, and although you can expect the lips to swell a bit, Alicia has found that most of her clients loved that effect and were sad once it had gone down.
  1. After the Appointment
Though there isn't much downtime associated with semi-permanent makeup, you can expect your lips to be slightly swollen immediately after, your lash line to be a bit red (almost as if you've been crying, nothing too serious), and your brows will be pretty crisp and dark. Everything should fade by a few shades within five to seven days, where the effect is softened by 50%. Typically, the semi-permanent makeup should last anywhere from a year and a half to three years, just be cautious of the ingredients in your anti-aging serums and moisturizers. Alicia recommends a touch up every two years.  
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