How to Become a Microblading Artist

BY MASTER MICROBLADING ARTIST AND EDUCATOR – ALICIA SHAPIRA Big, bold brows are a trend that’s here to stay and the growing popularity is putting Microblading artists in high demand. High demand means high value, and if you can hold a pen, you can capitalize on this lucrative opportunity. The beauty industry is a thriving and ever-changing industry valued at over $121 Billion. One of the newest and fastest growing services in the industry today is Microblading. WHAT IS MICROBLADING? Microblading is a manual method of implanting pigment in hair-like strokes in the skin to create the look of fuller brows using a sharp tool. Unlike traditional eyebrow tattoos which saturate the entire brow with ink, microblading artists “carve” crisp, hair-like strokes into the skin using pigments.  The results are fuller, natural looking brows that last for years! WHAT BENEFITS COME WITH A MICROBLADING CAREER? The benefits of a career in Microblading are numerous. You do not need to be an aesthetician or cosmetologist to become a PMU Artist. Becoming a licensed Permanent Makeup Artist will allow you to expand your menu of services which are covered under your license and grant you the liberty of working for yourself with very minimal overhead. Furthermore, the cost to become trained, licensed and start your business, is a fraction of the tuition for aesthetics or cosmetology; yet it yields much higher revenue. Let’s take a look at sample income you can earn by becoming a microblading artist:  
Artist Level Price per Session USD # of Clients per Week Monthly Income USD Yearly Income USD
Beginner $350 5 $7,000.00 $84,000.00
Intermediate $500 5 $10,000.00 $120,000.00
Master $650+ 5 $13,000.00+ $156,000.00+
  Additional Services Performed Under Same License – License allowances may vary by state.  
PMU Treatment Avg. Price of Service – USD
Microshading – Powder Brows $300+
Eyeliner $350+
Lips $400+
Scalp Micropigmentation $800+
Non-Laser Tattoo Removal $250+
  The average amount of time it takes a Microblading artist to complete a procedure is 2 hours. As an artist, you can potentially make a six-figure income working 10 hours a week! HOW DO I BECOME A MICROBLADING ARTIST? The most important step is finding a credible microblading course.  The course should be taught by an educator who has years of experience in the industry and is in good standing with the applicable health departments in their governing region. It is important for the course to cover safety and sanitation procedures, color theory, medical contraindications and the science of the skin in addition to Microblading trade & theory. Lastly, it is important to entrust your training in an academy that provides ongoing support and continuing education. Our course provides thorough instruction in all aspects and offers the continuing education needed to perfect technique and expand your skillset. Check with your local governing health department to see what their requirements are. Our 2-3 Day Live Microblading course offers the following:
  •      Microblading & Microshading Trade & Application Theory
  •      Mapping & Shaping Philosophy
  •      Freehand Brow Patterns
  •      Extensive Color Theory
  •      Safety and Sanitation Protocol
  •      Product Knowledge
  •      Business Building Skills
  •      Completion Certificate
  •      Online Support & Continuing Education
If you’re interested in becoming a Microblading Artist and taking our course, please email Alicia Shapira directly at
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