How to Start a Career in Permanent Makeup

So you've always wanted to start your business and you have a passion for cosmetics and makeup? A business in permanent makeup may be just the right choice for you! Permanent makeup has been used for thousands of years, there is even evidence of Egyptian women, as early as 5000 B.C. with permanent eye makeup. But permanent makeup really made it's a comeback in the states, in the late 1970s.   Since then, technology and practices have improved, and there are professional training and teachings across the country to teach you how to also get into the permanent makeup business.   One of the top permanent makeup artists in the Southern US is Alicia Shapira, of New Image Beauty Bar, where she is the only one to have been hand trained by the inventor of Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage, Rodolpho Torres, of Sao Paulo, Brazil. This form of permanent makeup using skin-colored ink, to cover and hide stretch marks.   The first step to start a career in permanent makeup is to do your research, learn up on the technique of color matching (Read our Blog Post on Fitzpatrick Color Testing.)    Do your research on where you can receive top training, and be sure to take a look at their results and past students, to see if their work aligns with your vision.   Once you receive your training, be sure you get your certification and finish any additional pieces of training online, suggested by your trainer.   Alicia Shapira, of New Image Beauty Bar, offers one on one training for selected permanent makeup training, such as lip blushing, Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage, Microblading and more. Each of her students receives a full day of training, breakfast and lunch included, live models to practice on and a machine, needles, and ink enough for about 35 clients! All of the materials and knowledge enough to start your own business!

Student Training for Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage

PMUA Certification

Lip Shading Training Course

Be sure to call us at 954-774-5087 or email  

Stretch Mark Tattoo Training

The Stretch Marks Camouflage workshop was developed for professionals in the health, esthetics, beauty and tattoo industry.

All participating students professionals will work on live models and receive the personalized certificate of the workshop participation.

Note that the professionals who will participate in the workshop will have the opportunity to learn technical skills with a pioneering tattoo camouflage artist- as this is an exclusive procedure in Brazil before Alicia Shapira was taught by the artist who created it!

We offer a 1-year support after initial training!

You will learn the following information, and much more:

  • Introduction to Tattoo Camouflage Technique
  • History of Stretch Marks Tattoo Camouflage
  • Tattoo and Beauty/Aesthetics Market
  • Biosafety/Bioethics
  • Procedure Exclusivity
  • Types of skin and results
  • Sun x Camouflage x Micropigmentation
  • Materials
  • Use of a tattoo machine
  • Formulas and tones
  • Contraindications

The technique is a closely guarded secret, and there is only a handful of artists who can perform this technique, Alicia is proud to be one of them, and you can be too!! Alicia offers a private class setting 2-3 day courses.

For pricing and more information to take your private stretch mark camouflage tattoo class, please call or text 954-774-5087 or feel free to email Alicia directly at

PMU Cosmetics Careers at an all-time high

Have you been looking for a career in the cosmetics industry, but can’t seem to get the right answers or help? Whether you are passionate about the beauty industry, aspire to help others, or want to increase your earning potential, Alicia Shapira with New Image Beauty Bar Academy is here to help. Starting a career in Permanent Makeup (PMU) doesn’t have to be difficult. In just three days, New Image Beauty Bar’s Permanent Makeup training course is designed to provide you with adequate education to propel you into a successful career. If you have little to no experience or are a current industry professional, Alicia’s mission is to help you advance your knowledge and skills. From the very first phone call to the time you complete your training course and thereafter, Alicia is there to help you each step of the way! Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique that employs tattoos as a means of producing designs that resemble makeup, such as eyeliner and other permanent enhancing colors to the skin of the face, lips, and eyelids. Today, most women and a growing number of men, enjoy NOT having to enhance their eyebrows, eyeliner, or lips daily. Imagine offering a service to your clients that cut an hour of makeup time. Professional permanent makeup artists are reaping the financial benefits from this hot trend sweeping across America. Economist and beauty gurus have predicted permanent makeup to be one of the most desired cosmetic procedures by the beginning of 2020. Finding the right training can be difficult, especially with the rise of “Social Media Trainers” – those who pretend to provide professional training. It is important that you research your trainer of choice and remain aware of scam artists, uncertified trainers, and false advertisement. The persuasive endeavors of “fake trainers”, have left many feeling hopeless, underprepared and uneducated in the training that they have received. Owner and Master Trainer Alicia Shapira, is passionate about her work and teaches the entire curriculum. Having performed thousands of cosmetic procedures over the past 10 years, Alicia has had students from locally in the United States, to as far abroad as Europe and the Middle East. Located in Coral Springs, FL New Image Beauty Bar Academy is unique in offering ongoing support, up to 1 year from a student training date. This allows students to be comfortable and confident in their performance. Students can expect to learn permanent makeup in a clean and sterile environment designed for hands-on training and traditional classroom education. New Image Beauty Bar use live models vs other schools/trainers who utilize skins or live demo models. Now that you have discovered us, it’s time to get started! Your first step is to call Alicia at (954) 774-5087.
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