Are You a Candidate for Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage Tattoo

Today's topic is an important one! And it's all about who would make a good candidate for Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage. The first step to book an appointment is first seeing if your stretch marks are treatable. Let's go through a few simple steps to see if you can be treated!

Step 1: What Color Are Your Stretch Marks?

You are a Candidate if: Stretch marks must be lighter than your skin tone to be treated. Meaning light pink or white in color. You are NOT a candidate if: Your stretch marks are red, pink, dark pink, darker than your skin tone or grey.   If your stretch marks are not lighter than your natural skin color, then it means your stretch marks are most likely still healing and they may turn to a lighter color down the road. Note: We require stretch marks to be at least two years old. 

Not a Candidate

Not a Candidate





Step 2: What Texture Are Your Stretch Marks?

You are a Candidate it: Your stretch marks are flat and smooth in texture. You are NOT a candidate if your stretch marks are ridged and have texture throughout them.   There are treatments to help smoothen your stretch marks, so reach out to us for recommendations of different treatment options to get your stretch marks flat and smooth. We require the stretch marks to be flat and smooth, in order to achieve the most beautiful results. 

Step 3: Book with Alicia Shapira!

We offer virtual consultations for all of our clients, just send us a call or email and we will be in touch to see how we can help make your stretch marks disappear. Did you know Alicia Shapira is the only person in the United States who was hand trained by the inventor of this procedure, Rodolpho Torres?! And she is the only other person allowed to train this procedure. So be sure to do your research and choose the right person to you get you on the road to beautiful results!

We Are Growing!

  If there's one thing we have all dealt with this 2020, it's change. Whether that change be good, bad or neither, it has only taught us how to persevere in these unknown times.     That being said, we have a big change coming in 2021. Thanks to all of you, we are growing! 2020 has had it's ups and downs, but our students and clients always make it worth it! And because of you, we are going to be adding a new member to the team!   Alicia Shapira has been growing her business from the ground up. From years ago when she sold her speech and cognitive therapy school, to when she flew in Rodolfo Torres, from Brazil, to hand train her in Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage, it has all been Alicia by herself, up until now! And there is no better person to bring on to the team than her sister Rebecca Anfossi! We could not be happier to welcome Becca to the New Image Beauty Bar Team, we know you will all love her!  

Starting 2021 you will be able to "Book With Becca!"

Becca will be offering:

  • BB Glow

  • Lash Lift & Tint

  • Brow Lamination

  • Dermaplaning

  • Microneedling

  Now that we have Becca on board, we are able to expand our list of services and offer you everything you have been asking for! Brow Lamination is a service we are super excited to bring into New Image Beauty Bar and it's all the rave! If you're interested in booking any of these treatments, be sure to contact us!              

New Image Beauty Bar 🌸

📞 (954) 774-5087

📍 7401 Wiles Rd. Suite# 252 Coral Springs FL 33067


Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage *VIDEO*

Check out our YouTube Channel @NewImageBeautyBar, where we upload new videos! This recent video goes through our most unique and famous procedure, Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage.

Alicia Shapira was the first to bring this technique to the United States. Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage is a procedure that blends your discolored stretch marks into your natural skin tone, using a form of tattooing that last for 10+ years. Follow along as Alicia Shapira, of New Image Beauty Bar, tells you exactly what it is and how it works. Alicia Shapira also offers classes to teach this unique technique!   Follow us @newimagebeautybar     Email Text or Call (954) 774-5087

Newly Offered Under-Eye Procedures

As most of you may have seen already through Facebook and Instagram posts, I have introduced two new amazing procedures to the New Image Beauty Bar line up- Magic Glow Under Eye Enhancement and Ink-less Magic Glow Enlightenment!

I had so many requests for me to learn the under eye camouflage procedure, as I already offer the stretch mark camouflage procedure, to help those of you who suffer from baggy under eyes or dark circles.

The Magic Glow Under Eye Enhancement is the version made famous by Rodolpho Torres of Brazil, where we actually match your skin tone pigment and tattoo this underneath the eye. It’s not your average micro pigmentation, it’s a tattoo. You can live a normal life and expose it to sunlight knowing that your skin will not become stained, because the tattoo pigments give us this security. The post-care is similar to that of a tattoo or microblading. Use the aftercare ointment supplied to you to soothe the skin and promote healing, keep the area dry where possible and avoid applying makeup and active skincare for the first few days.

Our Inkless Magic Glow Enlightenment procedure is a special vitamin elixir for under the eye. Dark circles are safely infused with natural vitamins and FDA approved serums to help produce collagen and elastin. This procedure is the safest and most natural way to lighten dark circles without having to tattoo pigment under your eye. When used in conjunction with the tattoo method, your results will be twice as amazing!  

We are currently seeking models for each procedure, March 1st at 3pm and March 2nd at 11am, 1pm, & 3pm. See our latest post on social media for more details!

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