Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage Aftercare/Healing

One of the most important steps to Brazilain Stretch Mark Camouflage is the aftercare. With proper aftercare, you can expect the best results and quick healing time. If you do not follow the proper aftercare guidelines, you can cause a slower healing process, hyperpigmentation and improper healing.  

The Day Before Treatment: Exfoliate

"I like to ask my clients to exfoliate the day before treatment, to smooth the area and remove any dead skin from the area," said Alicia Shapira.

The area may be red and swollen for up to 72 hours after treatment.


First Two Weeks After Treatment

  • Do not scratch the treated area. It may be slightly itchy, from healing, but it's important to NOT SCRATCH! If the itching is unbearable, we recommend to lightly pat the area.
  • Do not use A & D ointment!
  • We recommend our patients apply Aquaphor to the treated area.
  • Do not swim or sweat in the treated areas for 2 weeks after.

2 Months After Treatment

  • Avoid sun exposure for 60 days!
  Your stretch marks will go through a series of changes for 60-90 days. For example, the marks may get darker before getting lighter, it's important to have patience when healing from this treatment. "You have been dealing with stretch marks for years. So a few months of patients and following instructions, to achieve beautiful results, it totally worth it," says Alicia.   Some patients may fully heal in 60 days and some may take 90, it can change depending on your diet, skin tone, skin type and more.   About 30% of our clients do come back for a touchup. It depends on each individual, how well they follow post-care instructions and how their skin takes the treatment. For more questions, feel free to contact Alicia Shapira!   New Image Beauty Bar 🌸 📞 (954) 774-5087 📍 7401 Wiles Rd. Suite# 252 Coral Springs FL 33067 🖥

The Healing Process of Brazilian Stretch Mark & Scar Camouflage

Healing time and instructions are always a very important topic to discuss when it comes to Brazilian Stretch Mark and Scar Camouflage. If a patient does not follow the proper aftercare it can lead to longer healing time and possibly a higher need for touch-ups down the road.  


It's very important to follow the proper aftercare instructions with both of these procedures. If they are followed, you should find your healing time much quicker. But if you do not follow proper instructions, you run the risk of getting your skin inflamed and slowing down the healing process. For example, if you go to a pool, beach, sauna or sweat excessively too soon, you put your results at risk. At the end of the day, most people have had stretch marks their whole life, so taking a few weeks to treat the area properly is totally worth the beautiful result at the end! This treatment is a miracle, and Alicia Shapira is a magician! So for those who have dealt with stretch marks for 10,20,30 years, this wait is nothing! Just because you may not see results after the first session, does not mean it won't work.


It takes, on average, 60-120 days for Brazilian Stretch Mark and Scar Camouflage clients to fully heal.

Most Common Factors That Effect the Healing Process

  • Diet
  • Vitamins
  • Prescription Medications
  • Skin Type
  • Ethnicity
  • If your skin has the tendency to hyper pigment
Take a look at this 90-day healing process below. You will notice the stretch marks will appear dark and red for several weeks before they are camouflaged to the skin. It's important to be patient with this treatment and always listen to your aftercare instructions, to ensure a beautiful result.   All of our clients return for a follow up 60-90 days after, this is to see if there is any need for a touchup. And usually, 40% of clients will want/need 1-3 more sessions. And the results are permanent!   If you have darker skin, you are less likely to need a touchup. And sometimes it may only be a few stretch marks that need a touchup, during your follow up appointment. It's important to understand all of our bodies are unique, which means the healing process may look a little different for all of us. So patience and responsibility will lead to an amazing result to last you a lifetime!   Be sure to follow our social media's at @newimagebeautybar for more information!
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