Stretch marks are a source of annoyance for people of all ages all over the world, and particularly for women who’ve given birth.

Whilst stretch marks tend to fade gradually over time, one Brazilian tattoo artist has come up with an ingenious way to camouflage them until they naturally disappear.

Rodolpho Torres from São Paulo has built up a following of 1.2 million people on Instagram thanks to his incredible transformations. The technique he uses fills in the contours so cleverly, using ink the exact same color as the rest of the skin, that the marks are noticeably less obvious. All you have to do is wait for the tattoos to heal to see the remarkable apparent disappearance of the stretch marks.

This technique has finally been brought to the USA where Alicia Shapira was fortunate enough to be one of the only artists in the USA to receive training on this amazing technique! Now with the special inks and machine in possession, Alicia will begin taking appointments for this service immediately.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, like all things there is a small risk to the procedure. The risk is, if a tattoo is done by someone who doesn’t understand how to treat skin, you can end up with a scar, and a potentially worse problem, especially in an area that’s already thinner and missing some of the essential elements of skin”. So please do your research to not go to ANYONE who says they are offering the procedure- only few people are certified to perform this technique, and even less artists in the USA.

Be sure to call 954-774-5087 for appointment booking and/or any questions you may have regarding this amazing innovative technique to make your stretch marks disappear!