The best solution to saying goodbye to stretch marks and scars is … an invisible tattoo!

This is a technique that Alicia Shapira learned directly from the creator Brazilian tattoo artist, Rodolfo Torres. Your stretch marks and scars are camouflaged with special pigments of the same color of your skin tone to make them imperceptible to the eye in a definitive way! In other words, it will look as if the stretch marks had disappeared by magic! It is the solution that every woman, and man, have always expected.

The whole procedure is done in one session, one to two hours depending on the size and areas to be treated. In some cases touch up may be required. If your scars or stretch marks are too dark or purple in color, Alicia will suggest the amazing vitamin glow lightening treatment, which a mixture of vitamins and serums is tattooed on to the area, to lighten the area enough to the point where camouflaging with the inks of your skin tone will actually work best.

For consultations and booking appointments, please call or text 954-774-5087! Allow up to 24 hours for a reply please. Alicia works on her own and is extremely busy, so if you don’t hear back within the hour, DON’T WORRY! She will call you back as soon as she is not with a client.