Get Rid Of The Scars? What To Know About Our Exclusive Scar Lightening Treatment!


Get Rid Of The Scars? What To Know About Our Exclusive Scar Lightening Treatment!

If you have scars that are affecting your life, it’s time to talk to us here @New Image Beauty Bar about our Scar Lightening  treatment with our incredible Beauty Bar Elixir. Scar lightening is a tattoo procedure that reduces the visibility of the scar.
Scar lightening helps with tone, texture, and the overall visibility. says Rebecca Anfossi PMU artist @ New Image Beauty Bar .The main objective is to then camouflage the scar once we achieve a more natural base line to your natural skin. We do have scenarios where we do not even have to camouflage after lightening treatments.
 You cannot camouflage DARK scars it will look muddy and have grayish hue.  Here are some things you need to know about our scar lightening treatment.  
Start With an AssessmentIf you’re interested in our Exclusive Scar Lightening, you’ll need to start with a complimentary virtual assessment. says Alicia Shapira, Owner of New Image Beauty Bar. There are some scars that won’t react well to our Scar Lightening treatment. Some of those scars include keloid scars, pink scars, and scars that are not fully healed. But, most other scars react well to our exclusive Beauty Elixir Treatment. This is especially true with regard to burn scars, stretch marks, and surgical scars. We will then decide if you are the right candidate for the treatment. We want the best for our clients and here @ New Image Beauty Bar and we like to set realistic expectations. 

Give Yourself Time to Heal
Once you’ve undergone our exclusive Scar Lightening Treatment, you’ll need to give yourself time to heal. You might notice some redness and swelling at the treatment site. . This should dry up after a few hours. The redness and swelling might last for a few days.  The scars will look more natural as your skin heals. Says “New Image Beauty Bar”. 

Be Prepared for Touch-UpAfter your skin heals which can take 30-45 days min you should schedule another appointment here at New Image Beauty Bar . This procedure can take up to 4 sessions. This procedure takes patience as we did not put this scar on you simply trying to help reduce the appearance and lighten the tone.

You can never remove a scar unless you surgically cut the scar, but then it creates a new scar. Please have realistic expectations.

We promise you that you will love the end results. We also know scars are personal to each individual and we take pride in understanding how important this is to the individual client.

What’s Next?

Book your next Scar Lightening Procedure with New Image Beauty Bar the premier studio for all of your scar lightening needs.

Contact us for more information and to book your next appointment with Alicia, or Rebecca!

*All deposits and booking fees are non-refundable.* 20% deposit is required.
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