Alicia Shapira, founder of New Image Beauty Bar was surprised, to say the least when she received a message on social media from a segment producer for the hit CBS TV Show “The Doctors”. The pandemic caused a lot of uncertainty for many small business owners and Alicia’s company was no exception. New Image Beauty Bar is purely based on contact with clients so there were definitely challenges and obstacles with little guarantee of success. Alicia knew that like many businesses, pivoting was the only option for survival.

Social media was the perfect outlet for Alicia and her small business. Alicia recruited the help of her sister and they took to social media, creating fun videos and posts that showcased their services and also provided some much-needed optimism on the internet. Their hard work paid off! With over 45 Million Views on TikTok it was official they had gone viral! Now is there time to shine, CBS’s the Doctors invited the founder Alicia Shapira and her leading Permanent Makeup Studio and Academy to be featured on the daytime hit show. New Image Beauty Bar was asked to demonstrate their revolutionary Brazilian Stretch Mark and Scar Camouflage Treatment.

Alicia decided to donate this service and selected Necole a single mother with a full-time job working as a clerk for the Legislature in New York. Necole had inquired about getting Stretch Mark Camouflage Treatment but was unable to afford the service. Alicia knew it was the perfect opportunity to shine the light on Necole and give her the gift she had been waiting for. New Image Beauty Bar flew Necole into Florida and provided the Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage Procedure free of charge. This amazing feature will air on CBS on Wednesday, September 29th, 2021. Alicia is the first in the US to offer Brazilian Stretch Mark and Scar Camouflage, Scar and Under Eye Lightening Treatment. Alicia has revolutionized the industry through her technique and training.

This unique specialized Brazilian Camouflage procedure blends discolored stretch marks into a natural skin tone, using a form of tattooing which is considered permanent. Alicia also specializes in her very own FDA-approved Vitamin Scar Lightening and Inkless Camouflage Treatment. New Image Beauty Bar works with Plastic Surgeons, OBGYN’s and Dermatologists assisting with Scar Lightening and Brazilian Camouflage Treatments for their patients by improving the appearance of scars on both dark and light skin. Alicia Shapira is also making a name for herself as an educator in the beauty services industry and in the world by offering classes for her specialized techniques and treatments. New Image Beauty Bar services and educational training not only draw attention from clients and students all around the world but also make Florida their destination to learn or receive treatment by Alicia and her New Image Beauty Bar staff.


“I am so thankful for this amazing opportunity to feature my business on a national TV show, CBS and their staff have been a pleasure to work with, I see a lot of opportunities with them in the future.” In a statement from Alicia Shapira, founder of New Image Beauty Bar.


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