Lip shading has become one of the most popular forms of permanent makeup and we know why! Results with an experienced permanent makeup artist can be beautiful and leave people feeling more confident and in love with their lips. The process takes a couple of hours, but results can last 5 years or more! As with any permanent makeup procedures, there is a period of healing and change that will take place directly after the procedure, and here’s what to expect!


  • Directly after the procedure, your lips will be swollen.
  • Avoid working out/sweating for the first 24 hours.
  • Try to avoid too much sun exposure for the first week.
  • It’s important to not rub your lips or smudge them for the first 2 weeks! (Yes, this means no makeout sessions for 2 weeks, so plan accordingly. ;D )
  • You should be keeping your lips moisturized at all times, for the first 2 weeks. We give each of our patients a salve to place 2x a day.
  • After a few days, your lips will start to scab and peel. DO NOT PICK!
  • After a week the lips may begin a 2nd peeling process. Again, do not pick at the peeling!
  • After 2 weeks you will start to see the true color as it blooms!
  • 21 days after treatment the healing process will be complete!
  • We recommend our patients to come back in for a touch-up, if necessary, after 3 months.


Ta-Da!!!! Now just apply gloss and you’re good to go! Beautifully tinted lips for 5 years!!

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