New Image Beauty Bar offers a wide variety of skincare treatments. MCA / Scar Treatment / Dry Needling Procedure is an amazing option for our clients. What sets our treatment apart from all others is our proprietary Inkless Serum. New Image Beauty Bar created this amazing Inkless Serum specifically to help with cell turnover combined with the needling process, which provides a better result for our clients.

This treatment is fantastic for anyone that would like to improve the appearance and feel of a scars, burns and stretch marks. While there is no guarantee as to the exact results, most patients will notice a marked improvement after just one treatment.

Benefits of MCA Needling with Rejuvenation Serum Include:

  • Improves the look and feel of scar tissue.
  • Raised, bumpy scars start to flatten out and become smoother and less visible.
  • Sunken, loose scars, and stretchmarks fill our and appear smoother and firmer.
  • Your natural skin tone can return, as melanin is produced as part of the healing process.
  • Discolored scars start to normalize and skin tone evens out.
  • Tight scars and burns become more relaxed and supple.
  • Areas of scar numbness can start to have returned the feeling.
  • Improves your confidence and helps you to feel happy in your own skin.

What is Multi-Trepannic Collagen Acuatartion (MCA) Needling with Rejuvenation Serum?

Multi-Trepannic Collagen Acuatartion (MCA) is a type of skin needling and is a speciality technique used by permanent cosmetics artists. This form of dry needling is carried out using a dry needle technique (no pigment/colour used). The treatment consists of a needle that enters the surface layers of the skin, just enough to cause a minor trauma and stimulate blood flow to the area.

The process causes minute punctures, which create channels that trigger the body to produce collagen, melanin and elastin in order to fill the wounds – therefore promoting further healing. While this isn’t a scar removal treatment (no such thing exists unfortunately), it can improve the look, feel, firmness and appearance of scars considerably.

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